South American Flavors: New Delights and Familiar Bites

While the northern most countries in South America (Columbia and Ecuador) have some delicious food creations like their crunchy corn and potato empanadas, I must begin by jumping straight to the mysterious and fantastic food paradise of Peru. We had heard for months about the incredible cuisine of Peru and especially the foodie capital, Lima, which is famous for its innovative ceviches and modern seafood creations. What we didn’t expect to find was fantastic, Peruvian influenced comfort food which we soon discovered was available almost everywhere.  Continue reading

Land of Mystery and Gastronomy : Peru

When one thinks of Peru they often think of the awe-inspiring steep mountains of the Andes, Incan ruins such as Machu Picchu and the indigenous local women in colorful traditional garb and bowler hats leading Llamas through the streets. Well, all of that is still a HUGE part of Perus identity but it is so much more than that now as our journey there would soon show us. Our first taste of this “New Peru” would come as we entered the impressive, modern, capital city of Lima. While still hosting an impressive old center, the skyscrapers and conveniences of other current metropolises of the world were hard to miss. We decided to travel back in time by first visiting the historic center which was certainly a sight to see with its gorgeous plazas surrounded by hundred year old buildings embellished with incredible architectural details. Continue reading