India Part 1: The South – Kerala to Hampi

It was really quite sad to say good bye to Sri Lanka as we left beautiful Unawatuna beach for the airport at 4am. Such an amazing time we had had but it was time to make our way to the subcontinent of India. A long bus ride and a short flight from sunny Colombo and we landed in the southernmost Indian state of Kerala around noon. It was grey and rainy. Ugh. Our first destination would be the beach town of Varkala, a place often recommended by fellow travelers, guidebooks and fiends alike. But it was monsoon season you see and we arrived to a near deserted ghost town in heavy rain and soon discovered the beach was under 10 feet of raging brown water. As it is this type of year. Whoops. “UNAWATUNA!” we yelled, our arms reached outward to the sunshine and sparkling waters in Sri Lanka a few hundred kilometers away.  Continue reading

South American Flavors: New Delights and Familiar Bites

While the northern most countries in South America (Columbia and Ecuador) have some delicious food creations like their crunchy corn and potato empanadas, I must begin by jumping straight to the mysterious and fantastic food paradise of Peru. We had heard for months about the incredible cuisine of Peru and especially the foodie capital, Lima, which is famous for its innovative ceviches and modern seafood creations. What we didn’t expect to find was fantastic, Peruvian influenced comfort food which we soon discovered was available almost everywhere.  Continue reading

The Emerald Isle: Spectacular Sri Lanka

We arrived in the amazing country of Sri Lanka after an enjoyable but long overnight flight from South Africa. An island off the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is an enchanting country with gorgeous white sand coastlines and an emerald green mountainous interior. Known for being one of the worlds top tea growing countries, the primarily Buddhist country is emerging from decades of civil war and travelers are just now able to truly discover its incredible richness of culture and beauty. We landed in the capital city of Colombo excited to take our first steps in Asia on this journey but sad to have said goodbye to Africa. Continue reading

South Africa Part 2: Wilderness to Cape Town

As our incredible journey continued on, we found ourselves heading west out of the eco-paradise of Storms River Village and pressing onward down the beautiful Garden Route of South Africas southern coastline. After a short stop at Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary to get up close and personal with some big cats, our next stop would be a small beach community with possibly the best town name of our trip so far…Wilderness. Continue reading