Who We Are


Dan Mode

Dan Mode grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and was bitten by the traveler’s bug in 1990 while traveling through the rugged frontiers of Alaska. While attending film school in Massachusetts, Dan spent several summers splitting time between backpacking in Europe and working for various documentary production companies. Throughout his travels in Europe and Central America, Dan became captivated by the different people and cultures he encountered. Dan’s love of travel and the documentary form led him to a job working for the Discovery Channel’s Discover Magazine television series in the late 90’s. After leaving the Discovery Channel in 2001, Dan has spent the past twelve years managing a pair of film/tv support houses in Boston and the SF Bay Area while filming documentaries in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Nepal.

Laura Schulthies

Laura Schulthies was born with a travelers’ heart. She had the good fortune of growing up in a family that moved often throughout the United States. It was through this that she learned from a young age the importance and value of experiencing and learning about different cultures. She has been blessed to travel throughout several countries in Central America, the Caribbean and Asia. Laura has been working in the field of solar energy for several years and is continually educating herself on conservation and sustainability advancements. She is excited to learn more about eco-tourism while on this trip across the globe.

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