Road Wisdom: Friends on the Road

Friends On The Road Can be Fleeting, and That is Okay

It’s amazing how many friends you make on the road. At a hostel/hotel… on the bus… on some other wacky adventure…. Constantly you spend an afternoon becoming great friends with someone, or a few days or even a week together having drinks, learning together, hiking together, etc.. But then inevitably one of you leaves that place. Heading north to Belize or south to Honduras or heading home to the US or Europe or Australia or China or wherever. And you try to make plans to meet up a few countries down the line but it gets harder and harder and eventually you realize that the amazing time you had together, however fleeting it may have been, might be it. And that’s okay. Certain people obviously you hope to keep up with for years but most of them you’ll just have the memories of the great times you had together. The drink you had having laughs by the river together… the arduous 14 hour bus ride you endured together… the songs you sang together… the cliff you challenged each other to jump off together… those are the memories you’ll always share with each other. And that is great.

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