The fair city of Antigua

We’ve been in lovely Antigua Guatemala for two and a half weeks now . Antigua is a small city surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. It is located about an hour outside of Guatemala City. Our first week here was mostly spent acclimating ourselves to the city and appreciating finally being in our first location on this great journey.

This week however, has been less than perfect. I got terribly sick and had to get on an antibiotic regimen for 3 days. On top of that I was the victim of a random wild dog attack. Yes you read that correctly, I was attacked by a wild dog on the streets of the fair city of Antigua. Luckily I only suffered minor injuries and was able to recover after only a few days. Dan has been experiencing major migraines due to technological and internet issues, including getting locked out of all his email and internet accounts due to logging in internationally. Just yesterday we thought the ceiling of our room was literally going to cave in. At that point we finally just had to start laughing.

Besides all of that mess, we’ve had a wonderful time at Spanish school, meeting new people and learning more about the Maya culture. Some of our activities include the All Saints Day festival weekend, a visit to a macadamia nut farm, hiking up to el Cerro de la Cruz, visiting Ciudad Vieja at the base of Volcan de Agua and visiting a Maya pueblo where we were taught how to make tortillas by hand.

Overall things are going well and we are excited to be traveling on to San Pedro and Lago de Atitlan next week.

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2 thoughts on “The fair city of Antigua

  1. Laura so sorry that those things happened such is the extravagant life of a world traveler. This is a mild trench in your year long journey. Love to you both glad your both safe and laughing off the un needed agonies. Loves miss u like crazy my friend

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